Live Athlete Performance Monitoring comes to Trinidad & Tobago

Ever wondered what your player’s running speed, acceleration, distance covered, and heart-rate is while training? Ever wondered if you had this data how you could improve the performance of the athlete? Ever wondered when this type of technology would reach our shores and be made available to all clubs and team in T&T?

Well here it is…Novel Sports has invested in the PlayterTek PLUS System by CATAPULT Sports in bringing world leading Athlete Performance Monitoring and Data Analytics to our sporting industry.

This system is used globally by national, professional and club teams to monitor their player performance LIVE and post training, and to analyse their performance for recommended improvements. Training metrics for speed, distance covered, accelerations, GPS Locations, Work Loads, Recovery, Work Intensity and much more are provided by the system.

Our Athlete Performance Monitoring Service can allow up to 15 players to be monitored simultaneously LIVE during a training session. Training data and analytics for Football, Rugby, Basketball, Hockey and more can be provided. Understanding this data and how it relates to player loads and intensities, player recovery can also be optimized in assisting in preventing injuries.

Please email Novel Sports for an enquiries on the Athlete Performance Monitoring for your team on