Cricket fans can look forward to seeing a modern match scoring and analysis system streaming live online direct to your social media devices. The modern game of cricket has evolved into one of the best forms of sports entertainment. Bringing your local clubs matches to the world through the Novel Sports PV Match System, viewers can enjoy live video feeds from various camera angles, scoring stats and sponsorship branding.

Novel Sports has invested in the system to stay with the global trends in cricket and to provide game analysis to all teams and organizations at an affordable price. The PVM App allows scorers to construct wagon wheel, manhattans, pitch maps and all other standard scoring details while sharing these stats with the live stream so viewers can enjoy a more comprehensive viewing. All scoring details can then be used for a match analysis by coaches to assist team and their coaching programs.

Generating funds are critical to any club. The system can display sponsorship branding on the live stream so clubs can promote their sponsors to the world. With proper branding and marketing clubs can offer a better return on investment to sponsors and provide an avenue for their sponsors to build a bigger customer network in return for their contributions.

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