Coaches are thought that sports require 80% to 90% mental preparation to be successful. Most coaching sessions are structured with more technical development and less focus on mental preparation. At Novel Sports we have endorsed the importance for mental training utilizing professional and modern techniques to develop athletes regardless of age.

Developing aspects of self-motivation, mental toughness, focus and decision making is key to any sport. Athletes must understand how to respond to triggers and how their brain works in the responding to these triggers. Their emotional state and composure within any environment must be controlled to allow one to optimize performance.

Novel Sports has partnered with Spirit Academy to provide Sports Psychology Sessions for sport teams and clubs. Their coaches bring a wealth of experience in this field and will share with other some of the secrets of competing on the international sporting stage. Academy director Tarrin Mc Mayo holds a master degree in Sports Psychology and has worked with many professional sporting team in the United States including Miami Dolphins and Miami Heats as team captain for cheerleading. She has worked alongside some of the most accomplished professional athletes and now is sharing this experience with T&T.

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