Novel Sports is pleased to announce its Multi-Sport LIVE Streaming & Scoring System. Using the powerful PVMatch+ System we can combine multi angle cameras (2) and scoring software to deliver an exciting live streaming and post match analysis experience. Sports include cricket, football, basketball, netball, squash, hockey, badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis and Rugby.

The live-stream can be customized with your own club logo or sponsor and set accordingly to every match/tournament. PVM+ is helping improve your digital reach through organic content and by attracting new sponsors. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Call us today to discuss your next match and we can provide you with the proposal to stream and score you game. Increase sponsorship, expose your team/tournament to the world and encourage more spectator engagement with LIVE Streaming.

See a sample of the live stream for cricket here:

And the post match scorecard with highlights:

Call us on (868)-684-5393 for more information.