• Contact Micah on 789-4949
  • Venue: Exchange Recreational Ground
  • Tournament start date 9th July 2024.
  • Launch Saturday 6th July, 2024

Welcome to the official page of the 2nd Edition of the Exchange SC 16 & Under Cricket Tournament. This year the tournament has been rebranded to the Exchange T25 Cup. Registration will allow 12 teams with 37 matches, more overs, more players and more youth development all enjoying a better playing experience.

The collaboration between Novel Sports and Exchange SC was initiated by the club’s president Mr. Micah Joseph who has been the visionary for development of youth players in the central zone. His tireless work and previous cricket experience has propelled the success of Exchange SC. He has identified for the club, central zone and by extension national cricket to thrive; youth development MUST be invested in. The 16 year old players have lost 2 years of the cricketing careers due to COVID and unfortunately many cricketers who started at age 13 no longer play. This is an opportunity to reinstate the interest, continue the development and prepare these transformational players for the 2025 cricket season.

Without hesitation, the Novel Sports team agreed to support this tournament. Novel Sports has been the hub for youth cricket development in southern Trinidad area over the last 13 years. Their indoor cricket centre serves at least 30 teams per years for practice and development sessions. Affording players coaching sessions with the benefit of technology, bowling machines and data analytics to better their game. It is indeed an exciting time for Novel Sports to reinvest, contribute and show its gratitude to all youth players, coaches and their parents who have sacrificed over the years to set the foundation for these players to be the future stars in T&T.

Welcome all .We look forward to a safe and exciting T25 youth tournament ! All the best to the teams

  • T25 format, white ball
  • Coloured uniforms allowed
  • Team MUST register by July 1st 2024 with complete payment of registration fees. Registration is only complete with registration fee, submission of waiver and submission of registration form.
  • Alcohol NOT allowed at venue
  • Days of play: Mon, Tues, Thur & Sat at 9:00am and 1:30pm (2 matches per day)
  • Official umpires will be provided
  • Light refreshments and non-alcoholic drinks will be on-sale
  • All normal ICC T20 Rules will be adopted to accommodate a T25 format and include special rules as published by the tournament committee.
  • Only 3 national players will be allowed to play per team, per game.
  • All players must NOT be turning 17 before 15th August, 2024. Validation of player birth certificate maybe required to verify player eligibility
  • It is the responsibility of the team’s management to verify ALL players eligibilities prior to registration.
  • Players who do not meet the age criteria or any other tournament criteria and have registered or played in any game may result in disciplinary action against the team.
  • No more than 2 registered foreign players or non-resident players are allowed once they fulfill all above criteria in regards to age and national duty in Trinidad & Tobago or their native country. The tournament committee must review any foreign or non-resident player. Foreign or non-resident players must also fulfill all local laws. Failure to declare a foreign or non-resident player at deadline date for registration may result in disciplinary action against the team.
  • Under 13 national players will be eligible as regular players
  • Teams must arrive not later than 30 mins prior to start time for games for warm up and toss to be taken 15mins prior to start time.
  • Teams that are short will result 5 penalty runs for each player short going to the opposing team.
  • Standardized balls will be used and supplied for the tournament.
  • Absolutely no alcohol will be allowed on the premises.
  • A game will consist of 5 Overs (per team) minimum in the event games get shortened for any unforeseen circumstances
  • One bowling and one batting substitute will be allowed. No additional national players will be allowed as substitutes
  • Two additional fielding substitutes will be allowed
  • A maximum of 15 players can be declared on the team list (final eleven, 1 batting sub.,1 bowling sub., and 2 fielding subs.)
  • Players will not be allowed to transfer to another team anytime after the registration deadline
  • Umpires will be provided by the tournament committee.
  • Run Rate: Head to Head and then apply Net run rate where necessary
  • A player must play one preliminary game to be eligible to play the knock out stage
  • No transfer of players allowed
  • Deadline for team submission will be on midnight Monday 1st July, 2024
  • The tournament committee decisions will be final
  • Helmets for batters are mandatory and for keepers who are up to the stumps (within 15 feet)
  • Field restrictions according to ICC rules

Prize money would be distributed to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams together with trophies.

  • 1st Place $15,000, 2nd Place $10,000, 3rd Place $8000
  • Player of the match: $200 voucher or prize
  • Most Valuable Player: $1500 (tournament)
  • Best Bowler for tournament: $1000 (tournament)
  • Best Batsman for tournament: $1000 (tournament)

Confirmed registrations will strictly be on a first come basis by submitting all required documents and payment. There is a pre-registration and team reservation option which will reserve your team’s spot until 24hrs before the deadline date and time. Other teams who wish to pay in full for registration and there maybe a fully subscribed tournament, you would be placed on a waiting list. If teams cancel and or do not complete the registration process on time, the teams on the waiting list will then be contacted.

The tournament committee will publish regular updates on the teams that have confirmed registration ONLY.

Please use the button below to access the registration link:

Registration will only be confirmed by completed submission of registration form, submission of tournament waiver, payment of registration fee in total $5000.00 by CASH or MANAGER’S CHEQUE ONLY and approval by tournament committee.


If your team would like to reserve a spot in the Exchange T25 Tournament you can pay a non-refundable fee of $500.00. This will reserve the team’s spot until 24hrs before the deadline date. You have until midnight on Monday 1st July, 2024 to complete the balance of the payment of $4500.00  and submit you registration form. You will still need to fulfill all the registration requirements as per deadline dates and submissions.

This fee would allow the tournament committee to work with your club to pursue sponsorship or support. You would receive a draft letter requesting sponsorship which would indicate what mileage and benefits the sponsors would be receiving. Sponsorship benefits may include placement of banners, flags etc. at the venue, online promotions on social media and advertisements during live streamed matches.