Performance analysis of golfers using a launch monitor or golf simulator can significantly improve your game. By knowing the secrets of your golf swing to include club path, face angle, attack angle, club speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rates, carry distance and many more stats your can get a complete picture of your performance in a controlled environment. The coaches can then work with you to improve every aspect of your game and lower your scores. Practice on a virtual driving range or play on a virtual golf course; either way you get data which is invaluable to understanding your game. Packages include:

  • LAUNCH MONITOR ANALYSIS: Club distances, club speed, smash factor, launch angles and spin rate $400 / session with launch monitor only
  • GOLF SIMULATOR ANALYSIS: Golf Simulation, Club Data Analysis, and simulator analysis. Starts at $600.00 per session
  • GOLF PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS: Virtual range session, Club Data Analysis, virtual course play, coaching and analysis. Starts at $800.00 per session
  • VIRTUAL COURSE PLAY: Play a virtual golf course: 2 persons: $600 per session 18 holes or less.

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