Whether you’re at the beginner, intermediate or master level, a little bit of coaching goes a long way. Coaching has been part of our long-term athlete development methodology for all of our sporting programs.

Our professional coaches who are also masters of the game, use the latest technologies to provide data driven, customized coaching programs, geared towards enhancing your game. Whether it’s your 1st or 1000th game on the course our coaches will analyze and provide you with the required corrective techniques to help you improve and stay fit so you can enjoy and excel at playing the game you love.

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Before committing to a game one may just want to experience golf. We offer a 5 session Golf Awareness Camp where you get to learn the basics, train on a course and play a round. We provide the clubs, balls and tees at no extra charge.

Our sessions includes:

  • Introductory Session at Novel Sports Facility (indoor hitting nets)

  • Outdoor practice session at local golf course

  • Practice round at local golf course

  • Access to golf course will be an additional cost (green fees, membership etc.)


Balancing time for recreation is sometimes difficult. You can choose to play recreationally for a while until time permits you to take your game to the next level. We offer a monthly package to allow you more flexibility to play, have fun, stay fit and stay on the fringes to become a better player.

We provide clubs, balls and tees at no extra charge during sessions.

This package includes the following:

  • One 9-hole round per week or 3 sessions per month

  • One 9 hole round on simulator for 1 session per month

  • 4 coaching sessions (one session per week)

  • Access to golf course will be an additional cost (green fees, membership etc.)


This program is designed for beginners who have already decided they want to play golf and would like to enroll in a personalized training program that takes you from the fundamentals to playing with confidence. The sessions are supervised by our head coach and his team.

This Golf Greens program includes:

  • Golf basics

  • Rules, Scoring & Etiquettes

  • Equipment & Access to Golf Course

  • Mechanics & Swing Technique (includes video analysis)

  • Club Selection & Distances (use of launch monitor)

  • Train on our Virtual Golf Simulator

  • Game Plan & Strategy

  • Game Improvement

This is the most comprehensive program for any beginner. Sessions will include indoor, outdoor and playing rounds with focus on progressive improvement and competence. This program spans a 2-month period (10 sessions) with one weekly session with instructions and fun practice sessions. You are exposed to using golf technologies such as launch monitors, golf simulator, hi-speed video analysis and more.


If you are a regular player with a handicap and desirous of lowering your handicap and playing more competitively, this is the program for you. The Master Class focuses on development of your technique, mental toughness, game strategy and fitness. Upon assessing your present game using a series of drills and technology we will make recommendations to improve. The progress is then monitored by our coaching team and data is captured to demonstrate improvement. Physical and mental fitness, sports engineering concepts, sound technical methodologies and personal commitment are key in this program. The program includes the following services with sessions either at our indoor golf facilities and golf course:

  • Technical Assessment using Golf Technologies – Launch Monitor, Golf Simulator & Video Analysis

  • Access to Golf Teaching Professionals

  • Fitness Program

  • Golf Technique Program Development (swing, short and long game)

  • Putting Class

  • Mental Toughness Coaching

  • Club Selection (distances, loft, contact & speeds)

  • Game Strategy

  • Tournament Competitiveness

Call Novel Sports on (868) – 684 – 5393 or email info@novelsportstt.com to discuss your training needs.