Health & Wellness Spaces

Convert any space into a wellness area by designing your fitness space based on need. Keeping fit and mobile is key to long term health and well being. Design your wellness area by considering just what you need to keep you motivated. No area is too small.

Corporate wellness is key for employee productivity and performance. Determine your employee needs and make this part of your HSE goals for each employee. Provide a wellbeing area for them to relax and workout under guided instructions from experts.

Allow employees time to relax and work-out. Cultivate a performance driven environment using sports as a catalyst for progress. Keep motivation levels up with boosting good hormone triggered by exercises.

Encourage in healthy eating drives. Provide vouchers or equip staff kitchens with positive healthy food prep equipment like juicers. Stay away from soft drink and snack machines.

Engage in mind-fullness activities to boost mental health. Reduce anxiety, stress levels and depressions and help employees boost morale and teamwork.

Let Novel Sports work with you to design that space to suit your employee needs, intensities, motivation levels, time management, lifestyle and desired outcomes. Encourage weight management programs, strength programs, mobility sessions or simple meditation routines all in one wellness area.