Guiding kids from an early age and being able to identify when the achieve certain sport development milestones is key for their long term success. Kids all have varying abilities and develop at different rates. We as coaches must understand each child and guide their progress for personal growth. Sports instill confidence, physical & mental strength and develop teamwork attributes critical for life’s challenges. Experiencing success and failure and being able to control one’s emotions is also vital for developing good character. Trough participation in sports kids can gain a world of experiences that can be replicated in other aspects of their life.

When you train at Novel Sports we share a vision of your long term benefits.

ACTIVE START – Toddlers show interest in discovering new abilities. Introducing them to movement skills will aid in developing their motor skills. Design safe games that allow them to use their natural abilities and encourage them to perform new movement techniques.

FUNDAMENTALS – Teach kids the basics in any sport. Let them have FUN doing it and let them learn with friends. Introduce them to appropriate equipment that allow them to achieve the desired outcome.

LEARNING TO TRAIN – As they mature, kid show varying signs of physical development. Some may advance in certain movements skills. Mental readiness is critical for this phase. Kids must develop discipline and teaching training routines is key for performance and success in sport. Showing the right techniques also help prevent injury.

TRAIN TO TRAIN – Kids are now ready to train with a purpose. They must combine all elements of training. Physical, mental and technical training is now a standard part of their regime. They now understand proper warm-ups, building strength, recovery and varying drills to perfect technique.

TRAIN TO COMPETE – Kids now understand the commitment & discipline required to participate in competition. They now train to finish a race or play a full match. Kids better understand the mental and emotional aspects of participation and how to deal with varying scenarios. Tactical approach to compete is necessary.

TRAIN TO WIN – Loosing is NO FUN! We train to win. We all enjoy winning. Performance based training is now fully endorsed. Coaches demonstrate any and all ways to give their athletes the competitive edge. Athlete performance analysis and training is now a critical tool for winning.

ACTIVE FOR LIFE An athlete’s career is short. But all that they have learnt over the years is necessary for a healthy and active continuous lifestyle. As we get older our physical abilities diminish but out interest for keeping active and doing whatever we can to stay active is necessary for a healthy life.

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