Novel Sports brings some of the world leading sports technologies to our customers locally and regionally. We have invested in the technologies that can be game changers for your team. By measuring data from athletes, coaches and players can better understand their performance characteristics and utilize the data to analyse their performance. Technologies are available for teams and individuals for customized training programs.

Performance driven coaching is geared toward delivering a formula for success. Utilizing advanced technology, data analytics and reports from world leading sport technologies, athlete monitoring can provide insights into player performance. Depending on the sport player performance data can include:

  • GPS Monitoring
  • Acceleration / Deceleration
  • Player Speed
  • Heart-rate
  • Game Analysis
  • Distance
  • Player Loads
  • And more……..

Combining these data will allow athlete’s to optimize their performance and understand personal load limits, improve movement, manage work-loads, prevent injury and become a more confident performer by simply knowing what they are capable of delivering.

The Athletic Test is designed to simulate similar movement patterns during game play and drills during your regular training sessions. The ability to look at performance data real-time gives a better indication on performance. Some test include sprint, max speed, test over long distances, Beep Test and Yo-Yo Test, Agility Test, Reaction, Mobility and more.

Individual Assessment usually start at TTD $400.00 per person. Price may vary depending on the test required to assess respective drills

Team Assessment usually start around TTD $3000.00 (for up to 12 players). Price may vary depending on the test required to assess respective drills