ES Tour Plus - Golf Indoor Simulation

ES Tour Plus – Golf Indoor Simulation

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The only American Made golf launch monitor company proudly offers the ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor / Simulator. Combining dual, high speed cameras and quad Doppler radar, the remarkable ES Tour Plus is Tour-Tested, highly accurate and provides all 26 data points.

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ES Tour Plus – Portable Launch Monitor

The ES Tour Plus is primarily for indoor use. The ES Tour Plus has infrared light boards that work extremely well indoors, and the flash is undetectable to the eyes. Infrared cameras, outdoors on green grass, in sunlight, reflect green grass as “white” in the camera’s eyes. Here we lose the rotation of the ball and club data is often lost, since the background is the same color as the golf ball.

For the first time, quad Doppler radar and dual photometric cameras have been combined into one launch monitor. The ES Tour Plus provides data on swing and ball flight and has full golf simulation capability. Features include 26 Data Points: Attack Angle, Launch Angle, Spin Rate, Spin Axis, Total Distance, Carry Distance, Ball Speed, Club Speed, Launch Direction, Ball Height, Smash Factor, Full Simulation, Course Play, Games, Analysis, Club Fitting, Windows App and more. Top LCD display, Indoor/outdoor us

American Made!

Works independently or with the free iOS ES GOLF App.