Teambuilding Fun Days and Workshops

The success of achieving organizational demands from high team performance is critical. Performance is dependent on effective individual, team, management & leadership development. How can this be improved? Participating in Active Team-Sports & Team Building Programs is a guaranteed fun solution to develop these important elements and bring out the best in your employees.

Some of our past customers are:

  • Nu-Iron (Operations)
  • FORTINET (Trinidad & Tobago)
  • Cargo Consolidators Agency Ltd.
  • Falcon Advanced Serv. & Technologies
  • UNIPET (Finance Department)
  • MASA Assist,
  • SLB (Schlumberger)
  • Heritage Petroleum Company Ltd. (Sub-Surface Team)
  • SHELL Trinidad & Tobago Ltd. (Upstream Team)
  • Trinidad Seafoods Ltd. (Sales Team)
  • Massy Machinery Ltd. (Shell Lubricants)
  • Atlantic (Projects Team)
  • PriceSmart Clubs TT
  • Scotiabank (Compliance Team)
  • Trinity Exploration & Production
  • Caribbean Safety Products
  • UWI CITS Team
  • Living Water Community
  • Naparima Girls’ High School
  • Massy Energy Fabric Division
  • Harvard Cricket Team
  • Barrackpore United Cricket Team.
  • In Collboration with Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business:
    Republic Bank Limited, TSTT, POWERGEN

Novel Sports Pro-Engage Program aims to introduce participants to an innovative and exciting approach to teamwork through sports participation that will allow members to engage in useful, interactive & semi-competitive activities. Our workshops are carefully designed to keep your workforce engaged, overcome challenges and enhance their ability to perform at their highest peak and work well together to bring you a measurable return on your investment.

Novel Sports PRO-ENGAGE Team-building Presentation

Pro-Engage Workshop

Our workshops involve all participants in a highly interactive forum where all team members are allowed to foster better professional relationships with one another. Utilizing engaging sports based activities each participant gets involved in experiencing the emotions, concepts and camaraderie of teamwork. The workshop is a blend of theory and practical exercises using both classroom and outdoor spaces.

Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Breaking Mental Barriers, High Performance Teams, Improved Communication, Trust, Self-Motivation, Risk Taking, Accountability, Problem Solving, Productivity, Decision Making, Unity, Responsibility, Collaboration and more…

The Team-Work Workshop is based on the Tuckman Stages of Group Development. Using the proven aspects of Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing we hope to inspire some personal transformation is all participants to improve their teamwork skills. Incorporating the 3P’s learning approach of PLAY > PONDER > PERFORM the session is designed for 360 engagement with all participants.

Healthy & Active Lifestyle, Improved Job Satisfaction, Selflessness & Team-spirit, Acceptance & Appreciation of Different Perspectives, Increased Team Performance, Unlocking Personal & Professional Potential, Develop Active Listening & Group Problem Solving Skills, Improved Performance Based Culture, Improved Productivity.

Workshop Packages

Unity & Performance

Session focuses on strengthening of bonds and employee cohesion. Activities geared towards leadership, building trust, communication & fostering respectful working relationships. Suitable for highly competitive working environments.

Leadership & Accountability

Session focuses on strong & effective leadership creating loyal & trustworthy co-workers. Activities are geared towards understanding individual responsibility while maintaining a long-lasting strong bond within the team. Suitable for management levels or employees in leadership roles

Responsibility & Collaboration

Fostering a united approach to team’s growth & development for a sustainable future. Activities are centred around creating longstanding impact, reputation and continuous performance while adopting a strong. Suitable for a collective workforce

Fun-Day Packages

Participate in traditional and modern competitive races and events. Events include sprints, relays, team races, fun competitive races and more. Immerse your teams in competitive high intensity Archery Tag and play for prizes.

Enjoy our Sports-Experience Centre Free-play games where both kids and adults can play a variety of games depending on your selection. Choose from Safe Archery, Basketball, Target Football, Batting Cage, Tennis, Mini-Golf and so much more….

Enjoy a range of Novelty Games. Its all about FUN FUN FUN !!! Paddle & Ball, Sports-Ta-Cle Course, Fill the Bottle, Mini-Cross Fit, Shuttles, Hockey Race, Safe Archery, Golf Driving Range  and so much innovative games. Play in teams to maximise the experience.